Leicestershire Level 5,4,3 individual apparatus championships 2011



What a success Hinckley & Burbage Gymnastics Club had at the Leicestershire’s individual apparatus competition, gaining over 50 medals. The club has now got a reputation within the County for producing quality gymnasts at all levels.


After the clubs recent junior triumph at the Regional team competition, moral within the club is riding high and the results from this County competition will only re-enforce this with the gymnasts.  




The first level which was competed was level 5.


 Medal winners were:

Grace  – age 10-11 – 1st on Vault

Kess  – age 10-11 – 2nd on Beam

Maisie  – age 12+ – 1st on Bars

Paige  – age 12+ – 1st on Vault, 3rd on Floor

Beth  – age 12+ – 2nd on Vault



The next level which Hinckley and Burbage competed in was level 5b.


 Medal winners were:

Emily  – age 8-9 – 1st on Vault, 2nd on Bars

Molly  – age 8-9 – 1st on Bars and Beam, 3rd on Vault

Paige  – age 8-9 – 3rd on Bars, Beam and Floor

Ellie  – age 10-11 – 1st on Bars and Floor, 2nd on Beam

Ellie  – age 10-11 – 2nd on Vault and Bars, 3rd on Beam


Level 4, age 9. Laura  was entered into this age group. She was the only girl in the County that was capable of competing at in age level 4, therefore winning 4 gold medals. This level is the pathway to National Events, if she can maintain the standard required.


Hinckley and Burbage also entered gymnasts into the other level 4 age groups.


 Medal winners were:

Alannah  – age 10-11 – 1st on Vault, 2nd on Beam, 3rd on  Bars and Floor.

Amy  – age 10-11 – 1st on Bars and Beam, 2nd on Floor and Vault

Charlotte  – age 12+ – 2nd on Beam and Floor

Emily  – age 12+ – 1st on Vault, Beam and Floor

Jeanie  – age 12+ – 3rd on Vault, Bars and Beam

Natasha  – age 12+ – 3rd on Floor


The final level in which Hinckley and Burbage entered gymnasts was level 3.


Medal winners were:



Charlotte  – age 11-12 – 1st on Bars, 2nd on Floor, Vault and Beam


Leah  – age 11-12 – 1st on Vault and Floor, 3rd on Beam

Phoebie  – age 11-12 – 1st on Beam


“Congratulations to all the gymnasts who represented the club. All the girls should remember it’s a great achievement to compete at a County level in any sport, and they all should be proud of this. For all those who became County champions the hard work starts now to try and regain your title next year. Many thanks to all our Coaching staff who once again were a fantastic team on the day as they are always are in the gym”      Sharon Thomas (Head Coach)




Level 5 & 5b



















Level 4 & 3