Leicestershire Championships 2011



The competition was held in Leicester at new college and attracts entries from clubs throughout the county. 


The competition is held annually to find the best gymnasts at each level and age group. It’s an important event in Leicestershire gymnastics as this competition qualifies the gymnasts to move to a higher level next year. The girls are all trying to score 45 points or above to gain the required pass mark.


Hinckley & Burbage entered 26 gymnasts over the day of which 10 girls scored over 45points.




Results:    Level 5


Age 10/11      Kess  2nd place 44.10 points




Age 12+         Paige  2nd place 44.05 points


                       Beth  3rd place 42.30 points




Age 8,9          Emily   1st place 50.28 points


                       Molly  2nd place 47.75 points


                       Kaci-Leigh    3rd place 46.60 points




Results:    Level 5+


Age 10 & 11  Ellie  2nd  place  48.23 points


                       Ellie  3rd  place 46.25 points




Results:    Level 4


Age 8,9          Laura  1st place 45.25 points



Age 10 & 11  Amy  2nd place 44.85 points


                       Isobel  3rd place 44.35 points




Age 12+         Charlotte  1st place 45.75 points


                       Natasha  2nd place 44.90 points




Results:    Level 3


Age 10 & 11  Charlotte  1st place 48.90 points






“A big well done to everyone who competed on the day. It was a great club achievement to win so many medals and to have lots of gymnasts passing the 45 point target. This is a great start to the autumn competition season. Let’s keep up the good work and remain focused throughout the remaining competitions ahead. ”




Sharon Thomas (Head Coach)