Want to hold your childs birthday party at the gym 

You do not need to attend our classes to have a party here.
We set a limit of 24 children in the gym for each party.
A pre-school party allows up to 20 children including brothers and sisters
You get sole use of the gym for 1 hour where the children can use the equipment.
There is a qualified coach in the room at all times to ensure safe use of the apparatus. The coach is not there to teach the children or to run any structured activities. After the play in the gym the children go through to the function room where you can give them a party snack. You need to provide you own food and drinks / party plates etc.
You have the function room for 1 hour. (45 mins for the birthday snack then 15mins to sort things out before you leave.)
The cost for this is £140

If you are interested then please book early