Alpha Factor Championships 2013


The competition is one of the largest invitational National events each year.  It was held in Wiltshire and attracted 300 competitors over the 3 days.


Hinckley & Burbage had 11 children entered into various age groups and levels across the competition.


Highlights from the event are:


Level 3 (aged 11/12):


Molly Carey 8th Place


Level 3 (aged 13+):


Isobel Ansell - 2nd  Place

Charlotte Hancock 4th Place

Phoebie Bakewell 7th Place


Level 2 (aged 14+)


Amelia Tye - 3rd Place 

Beth Childs 4th Place



It was the first event for the gymnasts after the summer holidays.

Being a National event the quality and quantity of gymnasts in age group was tremendous. Congratulations must be made to Isobel Ansell and Amelia Tye for gaining medals at the event. We all had a great time and I am sure everyone is looking forward to next year’s event.




Sharon & Lee Thomas (Head Coaches)