Club Holidays for 2016 - 2017


Closed on Sunday 17th July - Open on Sunday 31st July


*Closed on Saturday 27th August - Open on Friday 2nd September* 


*Closed on Friday 14th October - Open on Saturday 22nd October* 


Closed on Wednesday 21st Dec - Open on Wednesday 4th January


*Closed on Saturday 11th February - Open on Saturday 18th February*


*Closed on Monday 3rd April - Open on Monday 24th April*


Closed on Saturday 27th May - Open on Saturday 3rd June


Closed on Saturday 15th July - Open on Saturday 29th  July 

* Please check dates carefully as holidays have been amended to help with the gymnastics competition schedule.  

All children still have the same amount of training weeks as previous years.*


All other times the Gym is open including Bank Holidays.