Leicestershire Team Championships 2011



Hinckley & Burbage gymnastics club ended the 2011 county competition season with an outstanding performance!



All of the clubs across the county are invited to enter teams into this event.

The competition is split into 3 levels 5,4 and 3.Hinckley & Burbage entered teams into each level.

The results were as follows:


Level 5



5A Team - consisting of Emily Quinn, Molly Carey, Kaci-Leigh Winstone, Ellie Parker and Ellie Haynes – placed 1st


5B Team – consisting of Paige Shilcock, Carys O’Reilly, Millie Prendergast, Paige Thomas and Kess Gilmour – placed 3rd


5C Team – consisting of Alice Hewitt, Grace Thompson, Maisie Lee and

Molly Todd – placed 6th


Level 4



4A Team – consisting of Charlotte Hancock, Jeannie Polishook, Natasha Elks and Rosie Shaw – placed 3rd


4B Team – consisting of Alannah Hartley, Amy Stuckey, Isobel Ansell, Laura Kaletha and Laura Pilling – placed 1st


Level 3



Level 3 Team – consisting of Charlotte Law, Millie Tye and Phoebie Bakewell – placed 1st



That was the last competition in the county for the girls in 2011.


 “What an end to the County competitions in 2011. Its hard to take in that we won at every level. The club started the year on a high winning the Regional junior teams and has finished the year so well. 2011 has established the club as a commanding force in the County for high level women’s artistic gymnastics. Thanks must be made to the dedicated Coaching team at the club. ”


Sharon & Lee