Leicestershire Championships 2011



Level 7 & 6



The competition was held in Leicester at new college. The event is to find the best gymnasts at each level and promote anyone to the next level if they achieve the pass mark of 42 points at level 7 and 43 points at level 6.


All clubs in the county can participate providing their gymnasts can perform the skills needed at that level.


Hinckley & Burbage entered 19 gymnasts at level 7 and 5 gymnasts at level 6.


Level 7 is for beginners and level 6 is the next level up.



Results:    Level 7


Age 8&9              Jessica  1st place also promoted to level 6


                             Jennai  3rd place also promoted to level 6   




Age 10 & 11        Ellie  2nd  place also promoted to level 6


                             Ellie  3rd  place also promoted to level 6



Other girls who gained the pass mark to move to level 6 next year were:  Jamie-Leigh  and Maesie



Results:    Level 6



Age 12 +         Elizabeth  2nd place




“Well done to everyone who competed on the day. It was a great achievement especially for Jessica  to become the county level 7 champion. The results were very good and credit must be given to all the gymnasts who passed and to the Coaches at the club for all the hard work getting the girls ready for the competition”



Sharon Thomas (Head Coach)