Leicestershire Level 5,5+,4,3,2 & FIG individual apparatus championships


Level 4,3,2 & FIG County Championships 2013


The competition was held in Leicester at New College. There was a great turn out of gymnasts from across Leicestershire with over 75 competitors from many clubs taking part. Hinckley & Burbage had a strong presence with 23 gymnasts from the club competing for the medals.

The event was split into two competitions for Level 5 gymnasts it was to find out the best gymnasts on each piece of apparatus with their County Championships taking place later in the year. For Level 4,3,2 & FIG it was both competitions on the same day.


 Highlights from Level 5

Age 11+

Ellie Richardson - 2nd on Floor

Olivia Hine - 1st on Vault & 3rd on Bars

Katie Mears - 3rd on Vault & Beam

Jessica Metcalfe - 2nd on Vault & 3rd on Floor


Highlights from Level 5+

Age 9 

Anna Fenwick - 1st on Vault & 2nd on Bars & 3rd on Beam & Floor

Age 12+

Maise Lee - 1st on Vault and Bars

Mollie Todd - 3rd on Vault


Highlights from Level 4

Age 10 & 11

Carys O’Reilly- 1st on Vault & Bars and 2nd on Floor and 3rd on Beam and 2nd Overall

Paige Shilcock - 1st on Beam and 3rd on Vault & Bars and Floor and 3rd Overall

Age 12+

Ellie Haynes - 2nd on Vault and 3rd on Beam & Floor and 3rd Overall


Highlights from Level 3

Age 11 & 12

Molly Carey - 1st on Bars and 2nd on Vault, Beam & Floor and 1st Overall

Amy Stuckey - 1st on Vault & Beam and 3rd on Floor and 2nd Overall

Age 13+

Isobel Ansell- 1st on Vault and 3rd on Bars & Beam and Floor and 2nd Overall

Natasha Elks - 2nd on Vault,Bars & Beam and 3rd Overall

Charlotte Hancock - 1st on Floor and 3rd on Vault

Alannah Hartley - 1st on Bars


Highlights from Level 2

Leah Parkins - 1st on Vault and 2nd on Bars & Floor and 3rd on Beam and 2nd Overall

Millie Tye - 1st on Beam and 3rd Overall


Highlights from FIG

Charlotte Law - 1st on Vault,Bars,Beam & Floor and 1st Overall



“First I would like to say well done to everyone who competed on the day. It was a busy competition but well organised. There were many different Levels competing on the day with the highest level gymnasts competing in the afternoon event. There were so many great results making the day was a tremendous success for the club and the gymnasts involved. We now have several months of training where new skills can be developed ready for the competitions in the autumn”   


Sharon & Lee


Leicestershire Individual Champs 2013 Le





















Level 5 & 5b



















Level 4 & 3